Magna Poll Dorset Sheep

The Magna poll dorset sheep is a short hair, meat producing breed. It is an ideal sheep for commercial and lifestyle property farmers as they are easy-going, fast growing, free-lambing, excellent mothering and early maturing sheep.

The magna poll dorset sheep has an excellent fat to muscle ratio, and exhibit ideal muscle patterns – a large loin and shapely hindquarter. This results in a higher proportion of quality cuts of meat and an attractive meat colour, for maintaining consumer appeal and taste acceptance.


Our Magna Poll Dorset Stud was established in 1994 with 15 in-lamb ewes from Totara Hills Stud in the Manawatu.

Bloodlines in the sires and ewes include our base stock from Totara Hills, Kakaho, Windermere, Springhill, Atholstane, Adelong, Larnoch and Ormiston, combining in different measures to give us our own bloodline of Magna.

Magna poll dorset sheep is an accredited Brucellosis-free flock.

Mothering traits

Poll Dorset sheep are well known for being excellent mothers. Their protective instincts and strong bonding ability mean that most of the lambs born will thrive.

Physical traits

The breed’s entrenched background is one of early maturity, meaning lambs are sale ready and ‘finished’ for market at an earlier age. This is a major advantage to the prime lamb producer, with lower management costs and reduced stress on the ewe.


Our Poll Dorset rams are very quiet and well used to handling.


Our Poll Dorset sheep for sale are available from November each year, and we often have a selection of breeding ewes available each January.