Each year we keep around five bull calves to be assessed by New Zealand Highland Cattle Society assessors. They can be sent throughout the country, including the South Island.

We specifically look at temperament when it comes to deciding to keep a bull for stud purposes. Good conformation and good feet are essential, and all these things, plus others, are included in the bull assessment procedure.

We have a number of bull calves that will be coming up for assessment in 2017, and expressions of interest are invited for these. Apart from one white bull, which is a P3, all our bulls are Fullblood. Colours are black, red, dun and yellow. We have a variety of bloodlines, but sires used on our bulls to be assessed are:

Braco Tornado, Eadon Dundas, Baxter of Munro, Eadon Tearlach, and the white P3 bull was sired by Braco Uranium.