Incalf Heifers
Black Cattle

Breeders of NZ highland cattle

Eadon Farm has been breeding high quality cattle for well over 10 years. We pride ourselves on the reputation and success we have created as breeders of NZ highland cattle.

There are many factors that contribute to excellence in breeding and having high-quality highland cattle for sale. Good temperament is vital in our selection of breeding cattle, along with good conformation and handling. Having quiet cattle that are used to handling allows easy vet/farmer treatments when necessary.


All our animals have been recorded with NAIT as per New Zealand government requirements and are registered with the New Zealand Highland Cattle Society (NZHCS). We have full pedigree certificates available, along with calving records, etc. The NZHCS Herdbook is available for anyone to look up – our Eadon history of current registered cattle can be seen here:

Respect and Care for Animals

Our cattle are farmed cattle, not pets. As beef cattle, many will end up in someone’s freezer. While we love them for their looks and personality, realism makes itself heard. Yes – many may become pets and that’s fine. Others produce calves for many years or just become part of someone’s beautiful scenery.

Regardless of the ultimate destination, well cared for cattle make for easier farming and more tender meat if they are home killed. Animal health and wellbeing is important for all animals and we take these seriously.

Eadon Fold

Our farm is 220 acres of easy to medium hill country with pockets of native bush. The pasture is mixed, with mostly high-quality grazing paddocks. We also have a few acres of rough pasture, which the Eadon highland cattle , in particular, love exploring. We enjoy the beauty of our farm which is specially designed to keep man and beast super-fit!

Livestock sales

Visitors are welcome to inspect our livestock for sale. If you are unsure as to the stock you are looking for, you are more than welcome to come to our farm to have a look at what we have available.

Our farm is located in Kaukapakapa, which is about 15km north of Helensville, North Auckland – please see our contact page for directions. Simply call us on 09 420 4065 or email to arrange a suitable day.