Posted by designerwebsites on November 3, 2017


A paper produced by Charles Bruce at the University of Glasgow in 2010 confirms the beneficial properties of pure pedigree Highland beef, previously studied in 1997 by Dr Ivy Barclay amongst others.

Samples of sirloin were taken from all over Scotland and Yorkshire for the study. A rapid slice shear force test determined the tenderness of the samples and chemical analysis included measurements of moisture (juiciness), iron, protein and cholesterol content.

Pure Highland beef was shown to be almost 23% more tender than commercial beef. Compared with commercial meat, pure Highland meat contains almost 7% more protein and almost 17% more iron, averaging over 4% less cholesterol. Intramuscular fat, low in saturated fat and seen as marbling through the meat, gives Highland beef its tenderness, succulence and distinctive taste.

An interesting finding was the lack of expected correlation between fat content and cholesterol levels.

(Taken from the Highland Cattle Society UK Winter 2011 Newsletter)